Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Michael Kors 5055 Watch

I have bought this watch for my girlfriend as a Christmas present. From the very begining Michael Kors 5055 look gorgeous, she loves it and gets dozen of compliments from others. Almost a year have run through and this particular timepieces is still looks so awesome, as it was at last Christmas.

What is more, it fits with everything and looks great with anything. Girlfriend can be dressed up to go out for a dinner or a casual day shopping for groceries and Michael Kors 5055 is still matches. It definitely pops and adds to your outfit. The moment she put it on, you won't be able to stop admiring it and looking at it! Michael Kors MK5055 has become the most favorite jewelry accessory in my girfriend collection and I don't have to check for another watch on this Christmas, because she is loving it!

Edit: There have spend some long time since last entry and I wanted to share my girlfriend experience about wearing that timepiece. In overall it still looks great, all color and details keep same as the very first day. She is still happy wiht my present and hope she still will in the future.

For a now going to buy something new for her, maybe from Fossil, so will write as soon as the new present will be on oepened. Good luck, guys!